YouTube ‘Ghost Car’ video goes viral over car from nowhere… How?

YouTube is going gaga over a ghost car that entered in a wrong direction from nowhere when two cars were taking a left turn on a busy road in Russia.

The YouTube video shows a ‘ghost car’ appearing out of nowhere in the middle of the city streets and causing an accident. The video was captured by a driver behind a BMW at the traffic lights of a busy junction. See Video

As a row of cars are seen turning left, the mysterious vehicle just entered out of nowhere and the BMW car driver had to put on brakes and yelp at the ‘Ghost Car’. The video was shot on a camera attached to a driver’s dashboard in a car behind the BMW.

The video that has gone viral attracting millions of views on YouTube with many comments. One such comment said: “Pay attention closely the tram around 0:04 – 0:08, there you can see the headlight reflection of the ghost car on the street. Yes, the ghost car took theat empty line next to the tram, speeding,” wrote one Indra Setiawan.

Another by name Cyclist says, “As the car was turning, the ‘ghost’ car…was already coming out of the other lane, but the car obscured it as it was turning, then they hit.”

Gian Nucci writes: “If you pay attention on the car behind the white van, you’ll see the reflex of the “ghost” car coming between the van and the train. After that the view is covered by the BMW. There are shadow and reflex of the ghost car under the train too.”

One Russian writer said: “It’s not a ghost car, other vehicles were hiding it.”

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