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Yahoo Too Launches Video Texting ‘Silent’ Messenger App in HK on iTunes

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At a time when people have forgotten the erstwhile  Yahoo Messenger that never took off, Yahoo has quietly revived it by launching in an all-new avatar called “Yahoo Livetext”, that too in Hong Kong at an iTunes App Store.

The innovative attraction in it is the unique video chat feature that will make you feel as if your friends are right there with you. The App went live earlier this month as a combination of rich text coupled with the video live streaming but surprisingly lacks audio feed that may take away all its benefits.

The idea is to give users a more natural form of communication where, users can see each other’s reaction in real-time. “We are experimenting with new product experiences that delight our users. We have nothing further to share at this time,” a Yahoo spokesperson told TechCrunch.

“Our solution is to go back to the basics, by putting your words and your friend’s real-time reactions at the center of your interaction. We have removed audio from the equation, as it’s rarely convenient in today’s fast-paced world,” said Yahoo spokesperson.

The free app uses either a Wi-Fi or cellular connection and is focused on one-on-one messaging, not group chats. Unlike Skype, Viber or FaceTime, Livetext does not support video calling either, nor group chats as in Whatsapp.

The app also offers user profiles which include a Livetext ID and it can help you find friends based on your address book on your phone. Without audio, LIVETEXT app by Yahoo may be termed as another bid by the trailing tech giant to present its Me-Too app in a mushrooming messenger segment after Whatsapp success.

The final release of “Yahoo Livetext” could happen soon, as Yahoo is hoping that it would make a dent in the messaging arena, if not a robust success.

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