Xiaomi to set up Chennai Plant for Redmi Phones?

xiaomi-mi-4Though still a rumor, there is a certainty that the Chinese mobile maker Xiaomi will set up its manufacturing facility in Chennai and a Taiwanese firm is being roped in for production on site.

Inventec, the Taiwanese ODM known for making computer notebooks, consumer electronics, mobile phones and server peripherals, is reportedly spotted shopping for space in Chennai to set up its production facility. According to Digitimes, the Chennai plant to expected to ship out mobie phones in the third quarter of 2015.

Manu Jain, Xiaomi’s India head refused to confirm the news but told Tech2: “We are talking to multiple partners for exploring manufacturing in India, and it will be unfair to comment unless we have finalized anything.”

Whether Manu Jain confirms or not, the roadmap for Xiaomi is clear as far as the Indian market is concerned. In October, Xiaomi Inc said it will migrate some data overseas to Amazon Servers in the US and servers in Singapore, which was duly done early this year.

Secondly, Xiaomi vice president Hugo Barra in a blog post on Google Plus, in October 2014 said “We’re moving your data! User experience is hugely important to us. As a global Internet company, we really care about speed and we’re also fully committed to storing our users’ data securely at all times.”

In his blog he mentioned that the migration is taking place in three phases — first E-commerce migration transferring customer’s information from the Beijing servers to to Amazon AWS data centers in California and in Singapore.

Under Phase 2, the MIUI interface services migration would be taken up to transfer all international users from their Beijing data centers to overseas, including Mi Account, Cloud Messaging and Mi Cloud services. Barra wrote: “With this migration, we are expecting to cut network request latency for users in India by up to 350ms, and users in Malaysia to experience 2-3 times faster Mi Cloud photosync.”

Under Phase 3, Xiaomi vice president said the company would go local, which means it would set up offices and manufacturing bases in India and then in Brazil.

The fact is also corraborated by Xiaomi Chairman Richard Lee who recently said that the shipments of ODM/OEM devices would reach 100 million units by 2015, which is an almost 33% jump from 75 million units in 2014.

Inventec is one of the major mobile manufacturing companies and last year its shipments were in the range of 55 million units and it is expected to go up to 60 million by 2016.


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