Xiaomi Sensation? Mi3 Flash Sale on Flipkart Meant Rs.28 Crore in Just 2.4 Seconds

XiaomiMi3In a sensation of sorts, Xiaomi has made a flash sale of its fourth batch of smartphones which were opened for sale online by retailer Flipkart at 2 pm and was sold in just 2.4 seconds. That’s all! All 20,000 devices were sold out in seconds earning Rs.27,99,80,000 in a flash.

That means Rs.28 crore worth sales of Xiaomi Mi3 smartphone by Flipkart in 2.4 seconds. This is the future of online retail sale and Flipkart is excelling in it despite Amazon’s entry recently. The sale should open up the mega brands like Apple which were reluctant to enter the Indian market three years ago citing its poor buying power.

In fact, many visitors who were dot on Flipkart to buy the smartphone found it out of stock, not knowing that it was already sold out. The next and fifth in the series will be put for sale on August 19 and the registrations will begin at 6PM on Tuesday or tonight. Users can only buy it when opened provided they pre-register for the next sale.

So far, Xiaomi has sold about 50,000 phones in India since its launch on July 22. On its first day, it took 40 minutes for the sale to be over and on the second sale, it was too quick at five seconds, and the third one in less than two seconds. Today’s fourth sale was just four seconds more than the third event.

The craze for the Xiaomi Mi3 smartphone is, nonetheless, valid. Priced Rs.13,999, the Mi 3 features a Snapdragon 800, the cheapest high-end phone. It ranks along the likes of the Nexus 5, Galaxy S4, Xperia Z but priced nearly half the expected price.


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