Xiaomi Respects Patents, Asserts CEO Lei Jun

Chinese mobile maker Xiaomi is fast expanding its patent portfolio outside China after the firm faced crippling restrictions in India over the patent violation lawsuit against its Xiaomi Note and Note LG.

Xiaomi CEO Lei Jun pointed out that Xiaomi respects patents and has applied for 2,318 patents in the last one year and 665 were outside China. He said, “I think everyone misunderstands.”

Since the company is new and founded in 2010, Xiaomi CEO said its patent portfolio is rather weak compared to market leaders but nonetheless, he was confident that his company would apply for more patents in the coming years.

Last month, Xiaomi was dragged to court by Ericsson over the sale of Redmi Note smartphones in India. Ericsson alleges that Xiaomi phones infringe its wireless technology.

Xiaomi was banned to sell its Redmi Note phones now and the company is selling its earlier version of smartphone Redmi 1s but the demand is lukewarm compared to the demand it attracted for Note online.

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