Xiaomi Refutes Violation of Court Stay on Redmi Note Sale, Next Hearing on March 18

Swedish telecom patents holder Ericsson has argued before the Delhi High Court that Xiaomi is violating the order not to sell Redmi phones with non-Qualcomm chipsets incorporated in them.

Ericsson has filed a case before the court in December claiming patent rights over features in 2G, 3G, Edge, AMR technologies used Xiaomi phones Redmi Note with Qualcomm chipsets and was granted a stay on the sale of Redmi Note phones till the case is resolved.

The advocate for Telefonaktiebolaget LM Ericsson told the single-judge bench of Jayant Nath that Xiaomi Technology had violated the court order that allowed only non-Qualcomm phones to be imprted and sell till February 5 earlier and now till March 18. Redmi 1S phones without Qualcomm can be sold under this interim order.

Pratibha Singh, on behalf of Ericsson, said, "Xiaomi is selling handsets based on non-Qualcomm chipsets through a website called http://www.xiaomishop.com". But the charge was refuted by Xiaomi lawyer Ajit Warrier stating the Chinese firm "has no stake in the website" and that the company name was beings misued by third parties through the website.

The interim order also directed Xiaomi to deposit Rs.100 per unit imported into India, pending the final resolution in the dispute. Five customs commissioners of major airports were asked to check the imports.

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