Xiaomi Redmi 1S Flash Sale Today Quickens Buying Spree on Flipkart

Every Tuesday, it’s a boom time for Flipkart at sharp at 2 PM to sell Xiaomi mobile phones in one shot and pocket Rs. 20 crore.

The two-month-old crazy online shopping event every Tuesday is becoming a rare phenomenon with Flipkart being the sole e-commerce retailer to sell the product, beginning Mi3 on July 22 to Sept 23 sale in few hours from now. Priced Rs.5,999, it is the cheapest device with many modern features in the market and no wonder there is huge rush to buy it.

Today’s sale of Redmi 1S phones of about 40,000 for more than 200,000 people just waiting to hit the BUY button sharp at 2 PM will decide who’s fast and who’s furious.

Those who want to buy have to register prior to the open sale online with the Flipkart and be on their toes to hit the button at 2 PM sharp. Some online tips are being widely circulated to help those desperate to hit and win one phone at least are also available.

One tip is to be ready 15 minutes before the 2 PM and open 3 to 4 different browsers at a time like Google Chrome, Opera, Firefox and Internet Explorer and keep them live till 2 pm and the page to open is obviously the Flipkart’s www.flipkart.com/mi and make sure BUY button is visible.

Make sure that each of the four windows are refreshed every 5 seconds as it approaches 2 PM keep the timer synchronized with the Flipkart server too.

Just 5 second before 2PM be alert and the moment the BUY button appears on opened Flipkart window, just hit it on all the four opened browsers. Who knows, you may hit at least one on time and even two if lucky.

Once your hit is registered by the Flipkart, it will be added to your cart and Flipkart considers the handset sold. After that, it gives you 8 hours of time to complete the online payment process, which is midnight 11:59 PM on Tuesday. This is to allow all the 40,000 buyers to pay leisurely as one time payment may even crash their website.

If you have a group, then group effort to keep as many mobiles, PCs and tablets open and go for the flash sale at a time will also help you get past at least one device. Above all, your internet broadband width should be high and quick enough.

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