Xiaomi Opens Registration for Tuesday Sale of Redmi 1S, Not Note

Xiaomi was cleared by the Delhi High court to go ahead with the sale of its previous Redmi 1S sales on Flipkart, partially lifting the ban on its sale of all devices following Ericsson patent law suit.

The reprieve came after Xiaomi argued that all its devices do not come under violation as claimed by Ericsson and expressed its desire to hold negotiations with Ericsson on resolving the issue. Since devices running on Qualcomm chipsets are under litigation with Ericsson’s allegations, the court gave its other devices such as Redmi 1S reprieve to go ahead with sales.

barraAccordingly, Xiaomi said it would resume Tuesday online sale on December 23 on wards. The case will take clear turn only on January 8 when the next hearing will be held by the court. Meanwhile, sources said Xiaomi is also exploring an out-of-court settlement with Ericsson.

Ericsson had accused Xiaomi of violating 8 of its 33,000 patents related to AMR, EDGE and 3G technologies but Xiaomi maintained that since Qualcomm has already obtained a license from Ericsson for its patented technology, it automatically entails that Xiaomi phones running on Qualcomm chipsets were not infringing upon the patents claimed by Ericsson.

Xiaomi vice president Hugo Barra said in his Facebook page saying:” Dear Indian Mi fans — as promised, registration for next week’s sale is now open on Flipkart. We’re back in business!”

The Flipkart page of MI said, “Back in Action! Redmi 1S sale is on Dec 23rd. Registration for the sale is now open.” However, the company did not say how many devices are available for the sale.

Moreover, Redmi 1S has lost its good standing in view of the latest Redmi Note that has more features and priced merely Rs.3000 more than Redmi 1S. Moreover, nearly 3 lakh devices have already been sold the Tuesday sale is lukewarm compared to the initial enthusiasm and the company had stopped listing the time taken to sell the devices.

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