Xiaomi Mi3 Flash Sales a Hoax? Most of them Up for Sale on OLX, e-bay

mi3 on FlipkartEver since its first launch on July 22, Xiaomi Mi3 is up for grabs but there is a clear scam behind the sales from the second time onwards, called flash sales in 2.3 or 2.4 second, which was compared to booking Tatkal ticket on Indian Railways.

But we are in India and people grab for every opportunity to grab a profitable mode of business. Is there an online malicious gang which is working overtime to pre-meditate the online sales within seconds after opening up on Flikart? Or is it FlipKart’s own making in disguise?

Most of these phones soon end up in black market on OLX or e-Bay for a higher rate ranging from 3000 to 5000 or even 10,000 extra over the original price of Rs. 13,999. The mechanism is anybody’s guess — Either pre-determined connections to Flipkart get to hit the button to buy and get away with the 20,000 phones intentionally capped out by the manufacurer.

Since the media is creating the necessary buzz every Tuesday, almost a free ad-campaign for Mi3 and gullible public are registering everytime hoping to buy one. Xiaomi claims that it had so far sold 75,000 phones with its features on par with Nexus or samsung, worth Rs.35,000 in value.

As many as 75,000 prospective buyers had registered for the flashsale last Tuesday but many of them complained that they could not find the phone in stock right at 2PM sharp, raising eyebrows on possible fraud behind the entire sale saga of Mi3. The next such flash or “apparent” sale will be on August 26.

So far, 70,000 Xiaomi Mi3 smartphones have been sold since its launch on July 22, 2014 and on the first day, the first batch of 20,000 Mi3 phones were sold out in 40 minutes, not seconds and the sale seemed genuine. But the second batch was sold in just below five seconds, the third batch of 20,000 phones were sold in 2.4 seconds and last Tuesday’s flash sale was in 2.3 seconds.

It means hardly anyone is getting to buy it online genuinely visiting the product on FlipKart and clicking the BUY button. Mi3 features Snapdragon 800 on par with big brands like the Nexus 5, Galaxy S4, Xperia Z which are in the range of Rs.50,000 or not less than Rs.25,000.

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