Xiaomi Mi Band Flash Sale on Mi.com/in Over in 7 Seconds, Hashtag #MiBandscam trends Soon After

First it was Xiaomi Mi 3 and then Redmi 1S and Mi4 which have been sold in seconds online at Flipkart when the Chinese company opted for the unique model close on the heels of an earlier experiment by Motorola’s Moto X. It never had to look back whenever a handset or a tablet is put on sale and many times, despite pre-registration and all set attitude to hit the buy button on screen, buyers could not succeed.

Now, even accessories of Xiaomi are on flash sale as is evident with the Xiaomi Mi Band, which went on flash sale in 7 second at 2 PM sharp. It was the first time the Mi Band was put on sale not on Flipkart but Xiaomi’s own website mi.com/in which is Flipkart’s equivalent being promoted by Xiaomi in India.

The promotional offer went out to the first 1,000 registrants who paid mere Re.1 to get the band and the deal works out to be the best for Mi fans. Soon, several aspirants have hit the social media criticising the company that the product was hardly put out for sale as they could not hit the buy button even after 3 seconds.

The Mi Band was unveiled last month when Xiaomi Mi 4i was launched and the free giveaway was part of the promotion. The band was available in bright pink, orange and blue colours and could have been priced anywhere around Rs.1000 for the buyers. The Mi Band is half-way product resembling Apple Watch band minus the core material part but it come embedded with fitness tracker, movement tracker and sleeping tracker. The Mi Band can also unlock a device. With a battery backup that can last for 30 days, the band is water resistant and easy to wear along this rainy season. Here are some reactions on Twitter:

Here are other tweets and discussions on Twitter about it. Soon it began to trend as #MiBandscam hashtag that many frustrated buyers poured out their vent against the company. Here’s a gist of them:

Manoj S Nagendra ‏@manojshesh24 wrote: “fake sale got msg that I was in queue and sold http://out.”

Manoj Kumar Khuntia ‏@kunakhuntia – “its not last even a fraction of second. and u r saying 7sec?? #shame”

Hetal Vin ‏@VHetal – “Big joke to your loyal customers.”

MDG ‏@b_ingmyself “#MiBand fake sale.. for me sold out in 2 seconds. Ridiculous!!!!!”

kalpesh dedhia ‏@kalpeshdedhia “when it will available back?”

Sparx ‏@SilverSparx “BC It got out of stock in 0.00001 sec. Fuxxing rigged sale. Never bothering to buy a MI product ever again.”

You’re Going Down ‏@Shashwathsp “just got it team!! Love it ! Can’t wait until it arrives!!”

Santu Dhang ‏@Shin2_D “lol, i clicked Buy now as soon as it got activated. Still haven’t able to booked one.”

kalpesh dedhia ‏@kalpeshdedhia “got sold out in nano seconds it was not 7 second.”

Deepanshu Sharma ‏@Deeeep_thought “7 secs good Joke!!”

Sparx ‏@SilverSparx “Can you provide a screenshot of the confirmation page?”

amruth ‏@amruthhr “same here.. later that i was in queue for 2 seconds later bam!! SOLD OUT”

AmmaR ‏@Ammar_kw “@hbarra I was registered and when I logged in at 2, it said you din’t registered for sale. This is not good.”

Ashwin ‏@Im_Ashwin “Well it was over within 1 second. Something isn’t right here.”

Shintu Dhang ‏@Shin2_D “Same happened with me. Mi server sucks”

Nivedith.G ‏@nivedithg “this 7 seconds is to just make you happy, not the customers !!!”

Iamfrancis ‏@francisks “lol.. Did u really get to buy?”
TEJUS S ‏@TEJUSS007 “went out of stock ? You did not have any . Cheap marketing . Creating artificial demand.”

TEJUS S ‏@TEJUSS007 “Agreeed . It was a sham”

Anil Sharma ‏@anilsharma234 “That’s not true, it showed out of stock to me in 2 seconds! Doesn’t look correct at all.”

Ravi Raghunath ‏@ravi_raghunath “I think we all got scammed!”

Ravi Raghunath ‏@ravi_raghunath “That was my exact reaction when I saw the post on their website #MiBandScam”

Awesome Keeda ‏@Sanket_Mehta “It was over in nano seconds. Wanted the band so badly.. I had the page open since morning. In the 1st second, it went off.”

Awesome Keeda ‏@Sanket_Mehta “Same happened with me. In Nano seconds, it showed that it was out of stock.. very disappointed”

Ravi Raghunath ‏@ravi_raghunath “well said! BS marketing strategy by @MiIndiaOfficial”

Geekiest.Net ‏@geekiestnet “Many of my friends also felt same, i think it is less than 1 sec”.


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