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Xiaomi Launches Mi 4i 32GB for Rs. 14999 in India Today, Flash Sale on July 28

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On the occasion of Mi anniversary, Xiaomi has launched Mi4i 32GB version in India priced at Rs.14,999 but users have to  register now in their website for an exclusive sale to be held  on 28th of July.

Mi4i 32GB is an updated version of Mi4i 16GB phone which was launched earlier this year and was a huge success but for the complaint that its storage capacity was limited to 16GB. Somehow the company has made some changes and launched its new model Mi4i 32GB for Rs. 14,999 compared to Rs.12,999 for the 16 GB variant, charging Rs.2,000 extra.

After crossing a bench-mark 100 million Mi users, Mi4i comes with Android Lollipop, which is customized by MIUI and is compatible with native Android games and applications. Xiaomi claims that after getting suggestions from millions of fans worldwide, it is revamping its system to regularly introduce exciting new features.

With 2G/3G/4G support on both dual SIM slots and support for up to 16 bands, which allows user to manage personal and work calls with ease, with intelligent dual SIM features and detailed network settings for each card, the Mi4i 32 GB phone allows more flexibility, said Xiaomi.

For maintaining a slim profile with stunning 5-inch display, Mi4i 32 GB phone comes with a 3120mAh lithium-ion polymer cell which quickly charges up to 40% in an hour.

The Mi4i 32 GB phone has other features such as a 2nd-generation Snapdragon 615 octa-core 64-bit processor, 32GB Flash ROM, 2GB LPDDR3 RAM, 5-inch sunlight display, 4g dual-SIM, dual-standby and a 13-megapixel rear camera and a 5-megapixel front camera, with a built-in tool which guesses age and gender to apply one of 36 beauty profiles to your selfies.

It also supports 1080p with an improved HDR recording allows Mi 4i to capture a greater dynamic range videos in richer detail.

Xiaomi has opened pre-registrations for the online sale of the 32GB phone on July 28, next Tuesday and it is likely that there will be another revisit to flash sale saga that Xiaomi had held throughout the last year.


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