Xiaomi Laptops to be Shipped from 2016; to Compete with Macbook Air?

It’s official! Inventec Corp chairman Richard Lee in Taipei, Taiwan has confirmed that the company is making Xiaomi Inc’s first notebook computer product in China, and that shipments would begin in the first half of 2016.

“I am upbeat about the business outlook for Xiaomi’s notebook computers, as the firm has more than 200 million registered smartphone users,” Lee told reporters on the sidelines of the 12th Cross-Strait Forum on Technical Standards for IT held in New Taipei City.

Inventec assembles Xiaomi’s smartphones and is reported to have developed the design and manufacture the Chinese company’s first notebook at its plants in China. Since Xiaomi has apparently barrowed design specs heavily from Apple, the Xiaomi laptops are expected to rival Apple’s Macbook laptops.

Coming to its specs and features, online is abuzz with rumors leaked confirming the price at $500 and using Linux open source operating system. Otherwise, both Microsoft Windows 10 and Mac iOS require huge payment for OS upfront.

The leaks so far show that the Xiaomi laptop resembles Apple Macbook Air in looks and it may sport a 15″ HD display powered by Intel Core i7-4500U processor with two 8GB RAM modules, taking the total RAM to 16GB. Bloomberg has recently reported that Samsung memory chips were being considered for use in the laptop.

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