Xiaomi Eyeing American Market Next with Mi4 smartphone Priced at $320 ?

Riding high on the success of its installment flash sale of 20,000 Mi3 smartphones in leass than 3 seconds, the Chinese company Xiaomi is pondering the possibility of the next generation Mi4 series priced $320 or Rs.20,000 next.

Chanese firms, which remained the assembly units far from the US mainland, are now gearing up for the sole manufacturer status with the success of typical cheaper versions of the smartphones featuring all the latest OS and platforms.

The worry of Apple to release its next iPhone 6 remains equally understandable with the off and on success of variety of smartphones manufactured at cheaper rates but matching the customers’ expectations and leading them to queue up for online sales, especially in highly populated markets like India.

Lei Jun, founder and CEO of Xiaomi, unveiled on August 19 its new flagship Mi4 smartphone, with a price tag of $320 but sporting all the modern features. The Mi4 comes with a 5-inch screen with full HD display, Snapdragon 801 processor and 3GB RAM, battery back up similar to the Samsung Galaxy S5 and comparable to the forthcoming iPhone 6 too.

With this, the focus shifts to the US market where the release of iPhone 6 is much-awaited and even the Wall Street Journal expected that Xiaomi has become a household name among the youngsters.

Even shipping figures of Xiaomi, according to market research firm Canalys, surpassed Samsung’s shipments and the firm has garnered 14% of China’s smarpthone market leaving Samsung trailing behind, while Yulong and Lenovo, both Chinese firms lag still behind, all three of them cornering merely 12% of the market in China.

In India, Mi3 has already created a new wave with the online giant FlipKart partnering with Xiaomi to sell the Mi3 online in batches of 20,000 every Tuesday. The online sale turned into flash sale everytime selling the Mi3 phones within 3 seconds, except the first one that took 40 minutes to sell.

The disappointment is meted out with reports saying that the entire online sale was fraudulently diverted to vested interests and malicious elements who siphoned them off at a higher premium price on OLX or e-Bay, charging more than $100 extra per piece. So far, 75,000 Mi3 units have been sold online by Flipkart and the even if a quarter of them have ended in the black market means a solid profit of Rs.15 crore.


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