Xi is not Eleven, Doordarshan News Reader Learns it Hard Way After Sack

In a typical Doordarshan news, a young newsreader has raised the eyebrows of the DD director general when he mis-pronounced visiting dignitary Chinese Presdient’s name Xi JinPing as “Eleven Jinping”, and was soon sacked from the job.

The national broadcaster’s late night news on Wednesday brough shame for the DD, which has limited viewership but is seen as the official torchbearer of Indian government’s news broadcast. Though the Roman numberal “Xi” stands for “Eleven”, for Chinese names, Xi should have been pronounced as Zi.

“It’s true, we have sacked the concerned newsreader. We are putting systems in place to make sure such things don’t happen in future,” Prasar Bharti CEO Jawahar Sircar said in an apologetic tone.

A twitter message said, “Please Take Note: DD News Anchor who mispronounced Chinese President's name has been disengaged.”

Usually, DD newsreaders are experienced but for the late night news, young trainees are given a chance and one misspelling has dealt a blow to the national broadcaster and to the inexperienced TV News Reader’s career. The news readers are sometimes on contract for a short tenure.


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