WWDC 2017 highlights
WWDC 2017 highlights

WWDC 2017: Who are Speakers and What to Expect?

Apple’s Worldwide Developer Conference, WWDC 2017, scheduled next week, from June 5th to 9th, 2017 at the San Jose McEnery Convention Center, will have three guest speakers, one everyday, to either enlighten or entertain the visitors. Here is a look at who is speaking on what:

Christine Darden
  • From Monroe to NASA
    Dr. Christine Darden started her career in 1967 at NASA’s Langley Research Center as one of a pool of African-American female mathematicians whose talent earned them the nickname of ‘human computers’. Demonstrating strong skills, initiative and perseverance throughout 40 years at NASA, Christine’s accomplishments include becoming one of the first female aerospace engineers, achieving groundbreaking work on sonic boom minimization, and becoming the first African-American woman in senior management at NASA Langley. Hear the remarkable story of one of the pioneering mathematicians upon which the book ‘Hidden Figures’ was based.

    Tuesday: 12:40 – 1:30 PM

  • Todd Stabelfeldt

    Convenience for You is Independence for Me
    Why design apps with accessibility? Meet Todd Stabelfeldt, founder of C4 Consulting, who has lived with quadriplegia since the age of 8. Over his decades-long struggle for increased independence in both his personal and professional lives, Todd has become a noted expert in technologies for the disabled, which he has found can offer not only a level of autonomy but also empowerment and dignity to the mobility impaired. Leading by example, Todd runs a successful business but his real passion lies elsewhere. Hear how apps designed with accessibility in mind have changed his life as a husband, father and as owner of the “Quadthedral“, his family’s HomeKit-enabled smart home.

    Wednesday: 12:40 – 1:30 PM

  • Miral Kotb

    I’m Dancing as Fast as I Can… Code
    What happens when you fuse a love of engineering and dance? Miral Kotb and iLUMINATE. Miral was inspired at WWDC 2009 to invent a way to wirelessly control lights on dancers’ bodies from the palm of her hand. Her groundbreaking light suits and innovative dance moves have since mesmerized crowds (and judges) on “America’s Got Talent”, audiences at her Off-Broadway hit show, and Grammy-winning artists who have used her suits. Hear about her unusual journey and get a peek ‘behind the curtains’ to see how she creates the magic.

    Thursday: 12:40 – 1:30 PM

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