World Environment Day: Which Plant is Good for the Occasion?

Last year, Prime Minister Narendra Modi had planted a Kadamb sapling on the occasion of Wolrd Environment Day and it is known for its medicinal properties.

Its leaves are useful to treat injuries and swellings. The bark helps bring relief to sore eyes and is used to treat fevers, while its leaves are helpful in treating diabetes in Ayurveda.

Legend goes that Lord Krishna danced with Radha and other gopis under the tree. More than that, he hid the clothes of bathing gopis in the branches of the Kadamb tree.

In Buddhism the Kadamb tree is believed to reunite lovers and in Goa the Kadamb dynasty is said to have sprung from the Kadamb tree planted by a Brahmin.

In ancient “Vaastu” system, Kadamb tree is proposed to be grown in the southwest corner for money and wealth.

So, which tree should be planted in which corner as per Vaastu? Here is a look:

In South East corner, a Pomegranate tree is good while in the South West Corner, Kadamb, Tamarind and Black-berry are advised.

In the South Corner, wild fig is good to grow and in the north corner, Pakad tree is favorable and in the North East , Amla and Mango are advised by vaastu.

However, some trees are barred as in the East Corner especially the Peepul tree. Growing cactus, jasmine and money plant near or at the entrance is also not approved by Vaastu.

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