Amazing FIFA World Cup Predictor: Play now!

World Cup Predictor64 matches, 320 predictions to make and tons of prizes to be won! It’s time to start making your predictions with Castrol’s FIFA World Cup Predictor Challenge!

You are now able to make your predictions for any of the group stage matches for the 2014 FIFA World Cup. Make your predictions now, but be sure to come back 24 hours before each match to submit your prediction for the Golden Question!

The predictions
Castrol’s FIFA World Cup Predictor tests every aspect of your football knowledge. Each World Cup match will have a menu of five predictions to be made. Four of the predictions will have an individual points value, but the fifth question is where you can really maximize your score!

Golden Question doubles your points
24 hours before each match a special fifth question will be added to the prediction menu for the match. It’s called the Golden Question and it’s your ultimate chance to increase you score and climb the leaderboard. Get the Golden Question correct and you double all your prediction points for that match!

The Prizes
Prizes for Castrol’s World Cup Predictor include a state-of-the-art Sony 55” 4K TV, Sony Xperia™ Z2 smartphones and Brazil jerseys signed by Neymar and two-time World Cup winner and Castrol Ambassador Cafu! To view a full list of all the game prizes visit the Prizes page.

Cafu wants you to take the challenge!
As the official Castrol Ambassador, Cafu will be dropping in throughout Brazil 2014 to share his insights about teams and performances. As a two-time FIFA World Cup winner and Brazil’s current record-holder of the most international caps, Cafu is the perfect man to help bring out the best in your predictor performance! Answer Cafu’s challenge, play Castrol’s FIFA World Cup Predictor now.

Want to know more about the game? The Rules & Help section is packed with helpful information and answers to the most frequently asked questions.

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