Women reach sexual peak at age 26: Poll

Do you know when it is perfect to ask your girlfriend for a night out? Ask her when it is her 26th birthday.

According to a poll in San Francisco, women reach their sexual peaks at age 26 while men peak later – at 32.

The poll, that included 1,000 adults, defined “peak” as the period where participants said they were having the “best” sex of their lives, SFGate reported, citing results from the poll conducted by Atlanta-based sex toy manufacturer LoveHoney.com.

The results indicated that women in San Francisco are having the most sex of their lives at age 24, while men have the most sex at age 27.

The average age of first sexual activity for women who participated in the survey was 18; most men surveyed lost their virginity a year earlier at 17.

The survey found that the wait for sexual fulfilment was longer for men – averaging 15 years after the first sexual encounter.

On the other hand, women had to wait 10 years for a super sexual bliss.

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