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Women Not Petrified to Show Off Stretch Marks, Cellulite on Thighs

These days, empowerment has landed itself with a new definition in women. It is no more restricted only to fighting for their rights, protesting against the society’s unfair rules for them or being at par with men. In fact, it also means to standing up for who you are, embracing womanhood and its essences in every form and being proud of it.

This thought has tempted and is still tempting women of the modern-age generation to flaunt those aspects, which were considered to be “flaws” in earlier days. Happily flaunting stretch marks or fatty depositions (cellulites) on thighs are no more a shameful act. In fact, no matter how fashion conscious these modern-women are they love to show off their bodily limitations.

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As reported by TNN, in April, Kiran Gandhi who is a Harvard Business School graduate stole the spotlight for running a race during her periods and ending up with blood strewing down her legs. She did this for the sake of telling women to not be mortified about their menstrual phases and to promote awareness concerning feminine products. Nonetheless, various such incidents occurred lately that saw women of this generation adopting ways to show off their delicate issues. Here are some such examples

  1. #ThighReading

Sometime around last month girls went frenzy, posting pictures of their thighs containing cellulite, spider veins, freckles, hair, cellulite and stretch marks. It was triggered after a user of a microblogging site posted a picture of her thighs with the caption “#ThighReading”. Deduced from the theme of palm reading, this notion went viral.

  1. Comfortable with body hair

There was a time when unplucked eye brows, undone upper lips and chins and most significantly unwaxed body hairs were a big issue among women in the society. But this thought is slowly changing now with women becoming unperturbed about these issues. In fact, the trend has adopted a new term also in the name of “Hairy feminists” and is being extensively supported with even some documentaries being made on them. “Vagina Monologues” is a play that selected this topic as their theme.

  1. Post pregnancy photoshoot and stretch mark selfies

Women or new moms are no more embarrassed to flaunt their post pregnancy stretch marks or shrunk bodies unlike earlier times when these issues were a big shame for them. These days commencing from the following the development of the baby bump, photoshoots are solely held to capture the post pregnancy condition of a woman. Apart from this, selfies with stretch marks are also another “proud mom” effort and reflects women empowerment.

  1. Selfie with no makeup

This movement was started by the Cancer Research Institute in the United Kingdom. Like the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge went deadly viral and famous among celebrities as well as women around the world, this approach also garnered a lot of craze among people. Internet was soon filled with women posting makeup free selfies, which included some Bollywood queens and international divas such as Kylie Jnner and Demi Lovato, as well.


Demi Lovato posted this picture on her Instagram account in January 2015 with the message “Forgot to post this a while back… Let’s start a new Twitter/Instagram trend: #NoMakeupMonday… Why? Cause we deserve to show the world our beauty and our confidence!!! #NMM #NoMakeupMonday #DevonneByDemi @devonnebydemi”

  1. #JustATampon

In line with Kiran Gandhi’s attempt to empower feminism, #JustATampon movement featured people posting pictures of them holding a tampon in order to the jab the shock factor, which is yet now linked with women’s periods. Apart from these, comics are also present that provided every intricate detail to the readers about menstrual cycle and games such as “Tampon Dodge” and “Tampon Run” that feature fights utilizing tampon firing and dodging, instead of bullets.

Like Demi Lovato, pop stars irrespective of their genders have inherently embraced the flaws of women and connected those to the “love” and “feminism” factor. For instance, Meghan Trainor who unlike the conventional image of a “pop star” doesn’t sport a perfect figure became the talk of town with her 2014 hit single “All About That Bass” that even won two Grammy awards. The song talked about embracing one’s body image no matter what size it is, and that has predominantly stayed her public image as well. She is noted to support anti-bullying campaigns and embolden women to be proud of their curves and body size.


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Even male pop stars inspired the idea. Taking into example, One Direction – the British/Irish boyband’s hit single “Little Things” from their second album “Take Me Home,” which was based on the flaws of a woman like “dimples on the back”, “trying to squeeze into the jeans”, yet encouraged the thought of the woman remaining lovable to her man.

little things

Screenshot from YouTube of the music video of “Little Things”

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