With Reliance Jio, Users Deump Other Wi-Fi Service Providers: Study

Now that Reliance Jio has stabilized with 1GB per day limit, users are increasingly shunning Wifi, said a study conducted by UK based OpenSingnal in the last three months since Jio started.

Jio users are able to connect to Wi-Fi networks on average 8.2% of the time, almost one-third of the overall India’s 29.8% average time on Wi-Fi, which is significant, said the study undertaken by OpenSignal, a London-based firm.

OpenSignal specialises in wireless coverage mapping with the help of crowd-sourced data on carrier signal quality from mobile users with applications installed on 70,000 Jio smartphone users.

The study evaluated the 4G availability, speed and latency tests and said: “Wifi has become an important mobile technology in much of the world. Our recent Global State of Mobile Networks report shows that in 46 countries smartphone users spend more time connected to Wifi than they do to mobile data networks like 3G and 4G. But that’s not the case for Jio users, who almost seem to be deliberately shunning Wifi.”

Based on their data from September 1, 2016 to November 30, 2016, it said Jio users connected to Wifi networks on average 8.2% of the time. “If people have an expensive data plan, they tend to look for cheaper connections to offset thier mobile bill and in most cases Wifi is just the ticket.”

Since a person gets 4 GBs of 4G data daily for no additional charge, Jio users have no incentive to seek out a Wifi link, it said. another factor was its performance. “Everything being equal, people tend to gravitate toward the fastest connections as services like video streaming perform better on high-bandwidth links.”

With slow 2G or 3G data connections, smartphone users tend to opt for 4G Wifi to improve their data experience, which is as good as the average broadband link in India, which is still very slow in India, it said.

As Jio’s users are happy with 4G networks, their motive to opt for other service providers has considerably come down since most of the 2G and 3G plans are slower than LTE. Jio has rattled the market with its intorductory offer of free 4G plan for the first three months and extending it for another 3 months until March 2017 making 1GB free daily.

So far Jio has signed up 50 million customers and its rivals Airtel, Vodafone have already started providing freebies to stem the competition.

Here’s the list of major operators in India and their average Wifi usage:

Jio 8.2%
Idea 24.1%
Telenor 24.3%
Aircel 24.9%
Airtel 27.1%
Reliance 28.1%
Tata DoCoMo 30.4%
BSNL 31.1%
Vodafone 31.3%

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