With Donald Trump as US President, Modi Gains, IT Sector Wary


US President-elect Donald Trump

In a shock to the world, Donal Trump has been elected the 45th US President upsetting several countries while India under Modi will rejoice initially over his solution to Pakistan as a host nation of world terrorism.

In his campaign, he said initially that he would bring back manufacturing and IT jobs back to the US which may send warning signals to both China and India, if he turns out to be consistent with his words and deeds.

He may first ask Pakistan to release Zakil Afridi, the doctor who helped US marines to zero in on Osama Bin Laden to launch the raids. Secondly, he may rope in Modi’s enthusiastic team in South Block to diffuse Pakistan’s terrorist campaigns and training camps by encouraging more surgical strikes.

While engaging India in its war against global terrorism, Trump’s Administration may take a tough stand on offshore businesses, which have already come under attack and seen a sea change under Obama. The next worry for Bangalore-based IT companies is to either transfer all offshore jobs to US or pack their bags forever.

In this scenario, India will face a double-edged sword with positive support on its fight with terrorism across the border but losing out its key source of earnings from millions of jobs created over the last one-and-a-half decade, churning out billions of codes and earning equally with a robust locked-up clientale.

While the initial joy and greetings from Indian PM Narendra Modi may bring initial cheers, India should equally weigh the business returns and losses when a person like Trump leads the world of business.

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