Winter Session: Parliament Adjourns, Session Not “Fruitful” but a “Hungama”

The winter session parliament has adjourned on Tuesday for 40 minutes as the opposition brought in the issue of black money, asking the government to fulfill its promise of bringing it back from abroad.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi had expressed his hope of having a fruitful and result-oriented winter session on Monday whereas soon after the session began today, there were protests and uproars. Trinamool Congress, which is supported by Janata Dal (United) and the Samajwadi Party MPs, protested holding black umbrellas with slogans like ‘bring back black money’ painted on them.

The members of these parties have demanded a suspension of the Question Hour to Speaker Sumitra Mahajan, which was denied by her. However, the speaker has warned the protestors and asked them not to use such ways to express their protest. After, the speaker has adjourned the session for 40 minutes.

Meanwhile, when the session was likely to be conducted on Monday, leaders from different parties have came forward mentioning the session will not be “fruitful.” Janata Dal (United) lawmaker KC Tyagi had said on Monday that "This session will witness a lot of hungama.” Extending his support to parties such as Trinamool, CPM and others, he has said that along with those parties, they will oppose the Insurance Bill.

Amid, Tyagi said today that they support TMC in the issue regarding black money. He said, "This protest is regarding getting black MONEY back, we are with the TMC in this."

On Monday, Modi has said, "It was because of the positive role by the opposition that good work (in parliament) could be done in the last session." He has said that the people have given the responsibility to run the government but those who sit in parliament have been tasked with running the country. He has also expressed his hope, saying, “I hope the session of parliament is fruitful and result-oriented."

The protestors included Samajwadi Party leader Mulayam Singh Yadav as well as JD(U) chief Sharad Yadav. Meanwhile, as per reports, joining the oppositions, Bahujan Samaj Party chief Mayawati said, "The PM had said that he will get black MONEY back in 100 days and distribute that money to the less fortunate. It’s been over 100 days now."

However, it was planned by the opposition to bring in the issue of black money issue before the session began. Another matter which the government may get questioned will be regarding the Insurance Bill.

There are about 37 bills including Insurance Laws Amendment Bill and GST bills, for the consideration of the two Houses for the winter session. The winter session is likely to have 22 sittings and will continue till December 23.

The session, which was supposed to hold on Monday, has been adjourned due to the death of sitting MP Murli Deora.

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