Windows 10 Set for Release for PCs First This Summer

Windows10The slated release of the next version of Windows this sumer is going to be free for update in all versions of Windows 7 and above and even pirated versions will be allowed to update to the new Windows 10 version.

Microsoft’s Joe Belfiore recently said that the new release would start “in the summer and increases throughout the fall”, which means the other versions for mobile and handsets would soon follow. It means, PCs will get the first updates to Windows 10 sometime in July, followed by mobile phones, Xbox One, Arduino and Hololens and it is likely to take next few months till October.

Moreover, nobody will get the full or complete package to begin with, said Belfiore, adding that some features will be added to the desktop gradually. However, this leaves many who are waiting in vain for the next big thing — Cortana or Edge, Microsoft’s fancy new web browser.
Another feature people are eagerly awaiting is the ability to stream Xbox One games to their PC or Tablet. As announced recently, Microsoft said later this year uses will be able to stream Xbox One games to any other connected device.

The gradual approach to release cautiously one after the other show that Windows 10 is taking extra care, in view of criticism and sarcasm revealed by rivals like Google whose blogs were full of oopholes in Windows 10. In case of Windows Phone, Microsoft is coming out with its new upgraded OS and it may be worth the wait.


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