Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella may unwrap new Windows 10 today, Wednesday, january 21, 2015.

Windows 10 Launch: What to Expect Today?

Microsoft will unveil its official Windows 10 amid hue and cry from competitors over certain features but the event will finally spell-bound all as it spells a major shift from erstwhile PC-centric computing to both PC and mobile-compliant versions.

Microsoft’s Redmond headquarters will be watched not only by enterprise customers but also numerous mobile makers all over the world for the upgrades made to the Windows platform. It remains to be seen whether Satya Nadella , who finishes his first full year as CEO, will unveil new strategy resonating the spirit of Steve Jobs when he was at the helm of Apple.

For old-timers, Windows 10 may bring back the Start menu and let sandboxed Windows Store apps to run in windows instead of displaying on a full screen.

Otherwise, here is a sample of what to expect in today’s Microsoft Windows 10 release:


Based on the preview of beta version of Windows 10, it can be expected that the new version will facilitate quick shift with a user interface that works both on keyboard inputs and a trackpad-based control system to use a touchscreen. Hopefully, Microsoft has achieved the new interface since it announced a conceptual version two years ago.


Cortana, as shown in the early previews of Windows 10, should be the new personal assistant for users from the Microsoft allowing users to switch over in its mobile devices and PC-based version.

Windows 10 for All

The new version should work on all operating systems from PCs to tablets to Windows Phones, Xbox and other gaming or video devices.


As Nadella said earlier, Microsoft’s Windows 10 should also have Xbox platform and its mobile application may even make Xbox redundant with some strategy going into the development of Windows 10.

The so-called “Spartan” browser from Microsoft replacing the Explorer is another feature which may be seen with add-ons but possessing more or less old platform sticky elements.


Microsoft may unravel competition with Google and Apple this time with its own cloud services for dedicated customers via its OneDrive cloud storage service for both busineses and small offices. Microsoft has already hinted to this effect that it is unifying those storage and sync services this year.

Microsoft Office

The dreaded Microsoft Office, whose strict vigilance for copyrights has proved nemesis for Microsoft may see some relaxed moments with alternatives for both PC and mobile version.


Whether Microsoft’s Lumia hardware will figure in Windows 10 and if so, how far will be the major curisoity for Windows watchers today.

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