Will ‘YouTube Newswire’ videos Kill ‘Google News’?

Taking Google News success to the shores of YouTube, Google has the YouTube Newswire channel that will feature videos of the trending and most important news as they happen around the world and may soon start country-specific editions too.

The Verge has reported that Google will provide “a curated feed of the most newsworthy eyewitness videos of the day,” from the newly partnered journalists community all over the world and allows viewers get the top and most relevant video footage instantly.

While Google argues that the YouTube instant news videos will be handy and trustwhorthy enhancing the authenticity of the news being reported, it may take a dig at the overall Google News publishers as many would prefer a video than reading through hundreds of world to get their news of the day.

Especially, as seen in the earthquake that hit Nepal, it was a field day for many TV channels which had posted their videos on Youtube, relegating the tv-less news providers like the The Hindu to marginal positions.

Another feature is that it would be eyewitness-based videos to make them more trustworthy. To fulfil this requirement, Google has roped in many TV channels to collect and scrutinize eyewitness videos from the happening places around the world. While the option to make them embedded in the stories is allowed, ultimately it may retard the growth of the news sites without the TV News Channel.

The feature forms part of the newly rolled out Google News Lab feature and further the search giant has partnered with Murdoch’s News corp-owned Storyful startup that targets at news coming from social media.

Olivia Ma, News Lab head, said in an official blog: “Today, more than 5 million hours of news video is watched on YouTube every day, and the role of the eyewitness has never had a more vital place in the newsgathering process.”


Further, the YouTube official blog said two new projects would supplement the eyewitness journalism. The ‘First Draft Coalition’ will cater the educational resource for journalists as it will help them to verify eyewitness’ videos and take cognizance of the ethics of using them is stories while the other YouTube’s partnership with Witness Media Lab that will provide a platform for people to share eyewitness video of human rights atrocities around the world.

Storyful has been working with YouTube since 2010 to provide online verification of the originality of news videos around the world and more than 100,000 videos on YouTube have been vetted so far by the agency, reports said.

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