Will it be Again Kejriwal vs Harsh Vardhan in Delhi Assembly Poll?

The sudden removal of high-profile doctor by profession Harsh Vardhan from the health ministry has riased eyebrows as an indication that he will be asked to return to Delhi politicis and take over the upcoming electioneering for the party.

Theough the move was another set back for Dr Harsh Vardhan, who was settling down at the Union Health Ministry with long-term plans and future vision for India’s healthcare.

Ironic but it was Aam Aadmi Party chief Arvind Kejriwal, who wanted Delhi Assembly poll to be projected as Kejriwal vs Jagdesh Mukhi but now that the BJP is roping in Harsh Vardhan again, Delhi politics will gain momentum now.

So what happens when Delhi elections take centre-stage next month with AAP chief Arvind Kejriwal taking on Dr Harsh Vardhan now?

Unlike the 2013 electioneering when Kejriwal was projected by the media for his anti-corruption crusade against the then-Congress CM Shiela Dikshit, Dr Vardhan was nowhere in the media focus but now, he is known as the real ENT doctor with a passion for his profession and to take care of the patients’ well-being.

In fact, Harsh Vardhan was more in the news after Modi in the last four months owing to his appeal for a "Silent Diwali" in Delhi and bringing into focus international health days with unique appeals or kicking off controversies, but never shied away from being in the limelinght.

So, the BJP plan for Delhi seems to be one of cornering Kejriwal with a blemishless professional doctor-turned-politician than Jagdesh Mukhi, who was in news two decades ago for some family issues but largely never in the news.

Now the question is whether Harsh Vardhan will lead Delhi race from the front as a candidate or steer the electioneering to take over at a later date, remains to be seen. For Kejriwal, it is a tough challenge to counter Vardhan than Mukhi.

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