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Will Google’s Real-Time Translate send Human Interpreters Out of Job?

Latest Google Translate App released by the search giant offers real-time translation in over 90 languages, following similar move by the latest update on Microsoft’s video-phone call service Skype that provides instant translation in Spanish language.

Google has its Google Tanslate that provides written translation online for over 90 languages and in many offices, it is a constant source of translators. But going forward, the search giant has announced the real-time translation service in an app that lets its users translate English to any other language in real-time providing the instant translation as if the two people were speaking as usual.

The Googel Translate app, available in Google Store is not currently real-time as the user has to start the recording after opening the app and then he gets the translated voice beamed in a few seconds, obviusly behind the real-time translation.

Google is updating its translate App to overcome the main drawback so the translation would be in real time. It means the real-time translate will immediately translate what the speaker is saying into one of the languages chosen by the app user.

So, your smartphone or any device would turn into instant translater or interpreter soon, sending the tens of thousands of translators home all over the world. But, the refined language translation will remaiin premium all over the world.

Ankita Katdare, a user said, “This is awesome on so many levels. The biggest barrier in the communication for any average user of an international product or service IS NOW GONE. Right now I think the job of a bilinguist would only be limited to translating or interpreting creative work such as a poem.”

Otherwise, Google Translate will help bridge the gap between several nations and ethnicities divided over the barrier of language for thousands of years will now find a common machine to speak to their counterparts anywhere in the world instantly.

Another dividing barrier between tech-users and profiessionals will also erode now with the language translation and interpretation in real-time with Google App. “Well, just like any other automation system, this tech is going to put thousands of multi-linguists out of job,” says Ankita.

Otherrwise, Google has already released its app that will take pictures of any language anywhere and get its translation instantly on any device. The latest real-time app will make your phone speak instantly to you in real-time what your comapanion is saying while on the go.

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