Will Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg Face Music over Wrong India Map?

Facebook co-founder Mark Zuckerberg addresses at the Internet.org Summit - 2014 in New Delhi, on Oct.9, 2014. (Photo: IANS)

Facebook co-founder Mark Zuckerberg addresses at the Internet.org Summit – 2014 in New Delhi, on Oct.9, 2014. (Photo: IANS)

First it was Al Jajeera and then host of others who are coming under scanner for showing the wrong map of India that is in vogue in many countries showing Pakistan-Occupied Kashmir as part of Pakistan and Aksai-chin as part of China.

Aware of the new implications which prompted Indian government ban Al Jajeera TV for 7 days in India, many people are wrapping up their maps bought in foreign countries, especially the United States.

Recent to make headlines was Mark Zuckerberg’s post that has triggered a social media network-based war between India and its traditional rival Pakistan. Basking on his new brain child ‘Internet.org’ showing Nobel laureaute Malawi of Pakistan, he ventured to put out an infographic that showed PoK as part of Pakistan.

On the otherside, despite Modi’s visit, China greeted him with a map that showed headless India map which had totally cut off Kashmir. While Modi remained silent on the row still, time India wakes up to the issue and ensure that the UN map is adhered to by all member nations.

One Akhil Dev immediately said: “Great Job, Please correct the Indian MAP on this Picture, Kashmir is Missing.” Soon it relapsed into a war of words on the backdrop of three wars already fought over Kashmir valley in 1948, 1965 and 1971.

Despite 200 remarks and complaints and counter-replies to Akhil Dev’s first tweet, Zuckerberg has remained silent.

Will the Surveyor General of India initiate action against Mark Zuckerberg, whose birthday on Thursday prompted even Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi to greet the tech billionaire?

In India, news channel Al Jazeera was asked to go blank for 5 days for showing wrong maps of India repeatedly. “As instructed by the ministry of Information and Broadcasting, this channel will not be available from 00.01 hours on 22nd April till 00.01 hours on 27th April 2015” appeared on its screen during this period.

All complaints on maps showing wrong Kahsmir or omitting Lakshadweep or Andamans are sent to Surveyor General of India (SGI). Often, the problem occurs as they use maps generated by an internationally known software used by Global News Providers, which leaves out PoK. All maps should be compatible with the official UN map to evade ofence in India.


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  1. No Official UN map exists that shows kashmir in as part of india. No other country recognizes Indian claims to the whole of kashmir eitHer. It would be hypocritical to accept instrument of accession of kashmir to india, but not the instrument of accession of junagadh to pakistan.

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