Will encrypted search on Google affect SEO industry?

The SEO industry might find it difficult as Google announced that searches will now be encrypted for logged in Google users.

While there is disconcerting chatter and SEO’s all over are throwing accusations for ‘hypocrisy’ and greed, it should come as no surprise that Google is creating more privacy for their users, although, this does not apply to AdWords searches.

The new encrypted search will apply to Google users who are logged into Google while they are searching; meaning, Google is blocking referrer data from third parties, which also includes Google Analytics. Users can opt to search in privacy by logging into their Google account. Though Google announced that less than 10 percent of users will be affected, it is difficult to tell how much data will now be hidden from analytics users.

The Effects on SEO

This loss of data has put SEO’s in a frenzy, since they analyze key phrases and their conversions, and optimize based on that data. While the loss of some of this data in Analytics could be described as an inconvenience, it is not as unfortunate as it seems.

This will also disdain the content farming industry which survives on what people are searching for. While many content farming and UV-hungry news websites will face the music now, content-providers will also come under pressure now.

But the SEO industry says the change is a minor speed bump in the constantly evolving world of SEO. “It’s nothing we can’t handle, and more importantly, nothing that holds a candle to the most important SEO tactics,” they say.

Getting relevant data on markets and keywords in Analytics will not change although some data may not be available that was previously open. SEO industry, is however, confident that it will live on and the SEO strategies still remain relevant.

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