Wild Tiger Seen in Bangalore Outskirts: Officials Confirm, Caution

tigerUnlike some stray incidents of Bannerghatta National Park tigers stranded away from their regular habitation, forest officials said the marks of a wild tiger have been noticed in the outskirts of Bangalore near the park.

The forest officials have confirmed that the wild tiger pug marks have been sighted 10-km away from the city indicating that a prey had been killed by it. A forest van driver has reportedly taken a pictures of the tiger on Saturday that moved the forest official launch a search operation.

The wild guess is that the tiger could have either come from the Cauvery wildlife sanctuary or the Tiger Reserve near BR Hills, boht about 70 kilometres away.

If tigers from the wild begin expanding their territory into Bangalore, then there will be more occasions of man-animal conflict in the vicinity of the city.


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