Why Xiaomi Partnering with Inventec to make Redmi Phones in India at Chennai plant?

Despite denials from Hugo Barra of Xiaomi, it is out in the open that Inventec is being roped in to make Xiaomi phones, especially Redmi series, which have excelled in sales but for pending patent trial in Delhi court.

The Taiwan-based Original Design Manufacturer (ODM) is known for manufacturing notebooks, sonsumer electronics and mobile communication equipment and a natural pick for Xiaomi to partner with to makes its phones in India and the location has been zeroed in on Chennai. Some reports have already pointed out that a temporary facility has been finalized.

Apart from its headquarters in Taipei, Inventec has several overseas manufacturing sites in Shanghai Hongqiao, Shanghai Pudong, Zhejiang jiashan, Sichuan Chongqing, Houston USA, Juarez Mexico, and Brno Czech Republic. Its current annual production capacity is 30 million notebook computers and 3 million servers.

With the digitalized trend, Inventec also steps into fields of consumer electronics, mobile communications, wireless integrated solutions in the hope of providing customers the best products and service.

In addition, the company has configuration and service centers in the United States, Europe and Mexico. It employes a work force of over 23,000 employees, including over 3,000 engineers. It partially owns a Japan-based mini notebook brand vendor, Kohjinsha (KJS) which was established in Yokohama.

Here is a timeline of the company’s growth since its inception in 1975:

.Inventec established

.Established Tokyo branch office

.Established Besta
.Began to produce notebook laptop computer and word processor products

.Started production of phone fax machines
.Established Malaysia subsidiary

.Established subsidiaries in Hong Kong and Shanghai

.Grated ISO 9001 Quality Certification by BCIO and the BSI

.Established subsidiaries in Nanjing and Tianjin
.Started production of PDAs

.Established Xi’an subsidiary

.Started production of Pentium series multi-media notebooks
.Established Hou Gang Factory to manufacture electronic dictionaries
.Established Linkou plant to manufacture and assemble computer peripherals

.Inventec officially listed
.Achieved ISO 14001 Certification for Environmental Management System by SGS
.Established Second Taipei Factory to manufacture PDA and graphic calculator

.Established subsidiaries in the United States, Scotland, and Singapore
.Established Third Taipei factory to manufacture notebook

.Established Taoyuan Factory for RD and manufacture of high-end desktop and server

.Established IME for calculators
.Established IMT for multimedia and communications products

.Established IAC for the manufacture and sales of information appliances, WAP phone, science plotter
.Inventec (Cayman) Corp and Inventec (Shanghai) Corp

.Established Tomorrow Studio Co., Ltd. for the publication and distribution of book and electronic products

.Reinvest Inventec(Pudong) Corp

.Established IESC for computer design, research and manufacture
.Established Czech Factory
.Reinvest Inventec(Shanghai) Service Co., Ltd and Inventec (Pudong) Technology Corp

.IAC officially listed
.Reinvest Inventec Hi-Tech Corp

.Achieved record- high revenue of USD 2 billion
.Reinvest Inventec Huan Hsin (Zhejiang) Technology Co., Ltd

.Completed Notebook R & D center in Pudong Park

.Exceeded 16 million units shipments of The Pudong Park notebook
.Annual Sales exceeded 10 billion U.S. dollars
.R & D center building was officially opened in Taipei

.Inventec Development Japan Corporation 100%
.Reinvest Inventec(ChongQing) Corporation and Inventec(ChongQing) Service Co., Ltd

.Established ISEC
.Established ICC and start the first shipment

.IAC becomes wholly owned subsidiary of Inventec

.Chongqing Administration Center Established
.Capital raised for Inventec Energy Corporation and became the largest share holder.

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