MDMK Chief Vaiko addresses during an election campaign. (IANS)

Why Vaiko Opposes Neutrino Project?

Vaiko, the General Secretary of Marumalarchi Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam (MDMK), has asked the people of Kerala  and Tamil Nadu to protest against the India-based Neutrino project, which is about to function in Theni district.

Claiming it would cause more harm to Idukki district, Vaiko said that it would cause air pollution, which would affect the agriculturists. He said, “Agricultural lands would be acquired to lay roads into the project venue and to dump waste material. The area would be deeply affected as they had to dig two huge tunnels by breaking the hill.”

Meanwhile, mentioning the Mullaperiyar dam issue, he said that it is not the dam but the Indian Neutrino Observatory (INO) that will turn to be a real threat for the people in the states of Kerala and Tamil Nadu. He urged the people in both states as well as the political parties to fight against the project.

Vaiko said Pottipuram, the place where project is upcoming, is the last choice of the Union government after the sites in the Nilgiris, Kerala, Assam and Himalayas were given up.

He has also claimed that seismic vibrations caused by blasting of rocks to create a tunnel for the INO would cause damage to the dams in a circumference of 70 km and Idukki district would be the worst hit.

Alleging that the Modi government was conspiring to destroy the natural resources of Tamil Nadu through a series of projects, he said it is the responsibility of the Tamil Nadu government to stop the project.

The Centre has given permission to launch a project, Neutrino Club, for experiments in high energy physics and India was about to join the project.

The underground project will comprise a complex of caverns, the main cavern, which will house the current detector will be 130 meters long, 26 meters wide and 30 meter high. There will be two smaller caverns to be used for setting up experiments for neutrino double detector and dark matters.



  1. @James… Okie as per your logic letz apply the same logic and allow the project… you should read carefully what vaiko has mentioned..

    “He has also claimed that seismic vibrations caused by blasting of rocks to create a tunnel for the INO would cause damage to the dams in a circumference of 70 km and Idukki district would be the worst hit.”

    But remember here TN is not only going to get affected.. this is worst for Kerela.. Anyway 90% keralites do not stay in their state even though they call it God’s own country..

  2. can something EVER be compared with nature???

  3. completely agree with Dinu

  4. Every thing else is fine, except that there are no well explained goals and the kind of money being put into it. 1500 crores for sure deserves a good explanation, which the project handlers chose to ignore. That is why even the well educated ones are at dark (and ironically the matter here is ‘dark matter’), forget the less educated people. The project could have been a collaborative (including funding) one with multiple countries putting their resources together, where all the best scientists around the world can work and sit together and solve the secrets of neutrinos and dark matter. That is how CERN works, and even India is partner in other humongous projects like ITER, 30 meter telescope etc.

  5. Srinivasa Narayanan

    What did india achieve from more than 4 decades of TIFR? Shamelessly importing nuclear Technology from Russia , South Korea and later it will be from Sub-Saharan countries. The main reason for the failure of such research centers are the appointment of incompetent dumb bird brained brahmins as head on the orders of their blood connection in R&AW. And the appointment of visceral Keralite department heads on the orders of their blood connections in Intelligence Bureau(IB) and CBI.

  6. @James: What a uncivilized, inappropriate comments from you? Mullai periyar water is our life. Entire southern districts were depends upon this only for their livelihood. What your statement symbolizes is Tit for tat. If that’s all you need you are a sadist. Thank god I have lot of malayalee friends they are not like you….

  7. For all Highly educated and brainy Indian who is abusing Vaiko , Please have this neutrino Project in your state and enjoy having it.

  8. he is always resisting development of south tamil nadu from sterlite, koodangulam, nutrino project etc., whatever industry you statrt one way or the other it will affect environment. near chennai lot of industries refineries, nuclear reactors in kalpakkam, other industries are functioning and people are living and day by day the population of chennai is increasing. so opposing nutrino project is not proper instead he can fight for recruitment of sizable portion local people in that project.

  9. Vaiko is a fire brand speaker. He supports the LTTE and supported raising of the water level in Mullaperiyar Dam. Now he without knowing about the issue is attacking a science project of importance. His party is reduced to insignificance and he makes loud noise just to get some attention.

  10. @indian. Ohf really in Mullaperiyar issue what Tamil people have said is Technical people (bribed one) have given the guarantee that dam is safe. so whats the problem for keralites?. So now what the problem for this man right now,if central government has given yes for this project. ( there should be only one logic for everything got it ) . Dont try to turn the plate as per your wish like some sickulars.

  11. What a trash this Vaiko is!!! Thank god he or his party is out of power.

  12. Unfotunately, Tamil Nadu politicians are notorious for dramatics and histrionics. They do not or cannot distuingsh between reel life and real life. Europe and USA are much more concerned about safety, effects of tunnelling and stability of land. They have made extensive underground structures to study particle Physics. When the Country wants to move forward, some jokers posing as politicians would like to drag it backward, so that they can gather votes by (foul) means.

  13. Does Vaiko know what is neutrino ? what is Dark matter ? atleast what is an Atom ?
    This project is not going to take off. He will surely change the minds of uneducated people around that area.

  14. I work for the UN and live in Geneva, Switzerland and my house is walking distance from CERN. I have not seen anything that Vaiko has mentioned here. Since the whole excavation is underground (almost 1000 meters), I dont see any impact this can have on environmental pollution.

    Vaiko seems to know more. i wish he could give us a lecture on particle Physics and its implications and the logic of his comments before revealing his ignorance (or should I say stupidity).

    Today the world respects us Indians – for our achievements in space. I am sure if Vaiko had an opportunity, he would have said that this was a similar problem and would have prevented India from achieving the impossible – access to Mars.

  15. Read this article as I was curios to know what was the basis for him opposing. Should not have, how ridiculous is the claim that Modi is interedted in destroying the natural resource of TN. This guy while good orator and atleast has the guts to speak his mind on tough issues, should not waste his declining credibility on lost cause like these. Have some logical reasons for opposing or just shut up already.

  16. Ramaguru Prasad Jakkala

    Even educated people may not understand what is this project and it’s impact on environment. How is Vaiko talking about it without understanding what is this project about? Just oppose everything to grab attention. That seems to be the logic.

  17. Mr Vaiko’s objection is totally valid . I had wriiten earlier that coping the west is not at all necessary for the Cern experiment has been a complete failure that even earned a Nobel. Vedic science has identified
    all the parameters in Physics long ago but Vedas is a forbidden word in Physycs. The neutrino mass is 9.5 E minus 35 kgs and can be verified experimentally even in school lab. The reason is the Sankhya as an axiomatic Vedic science has defined space in numerical terms but Physics as yet has no clue because it is identified as a vacuous space. Any prism can be used to verify the neutrino mass in a vacuum by simple techniques but we MUST copy the western brother or else!!! See www kapillavastu dot com for tye foremost axiomatic theory in science and it is incomparable

  18. @James… Oh ya.. is it?? … Fyi Idukki is in kerala…. If because of this project if something happens then think who will affected more… Dont just pass comments just for passing….

  19. Indian politicians have uncanny knack of negative perceptions in uncharted fields. When no one at intl. levels raised any issue regarding the research work with the large hadron collider installed underground in European continent,our politician and not any scientist or tech. person has come forward with a theory.

  20. How foolish is this!

  21. Ha ha we are not fools Mr.Vaiko to follow whatever you are saying. Even if it harms your people we would be happy. You know why , because you and your state thrown fate of 25 lakhs of keralite people lives in to nightmare in Mullaperiyar dam issue.

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