Why Twitter is Google’s Best Bet to Buy Now?

Google has announced withdrawal of its much-hyped Google+ not without reason and the latest rumor is that the search giant is eyeing Twitter to replace all its social media needs in one go.

Instead of weaning away Facebook-users to its Google+ platform with similar features and four years of uy Twitter, suggested Mashable, the tech website.

As a late realization, Google has already stopped forcing its users to sign in with a Google+ account when they want to access YouTube and other Google websites, which has put off many users who preferred to keep their identity incognito.

The overt gesture of combining all Google properties with one sign-in account has ostensibly put off many wary users who preferred privacy and there Google has lost the ground to its rivals, which offer stand-alone products without the botheration of knowing the identity of the same user on different platforms.

Google cannot spend more millions on its Google+ which has not gone away but to meet the compelling needs of a social media platform, “it has become even more compelling, and Google isn’t much closer to attaining it—which is why I think its decision to move away from Google+ makes it even more likely that it will buy Twitter,” said Mashable in its exhaustive write up on Google+.

Twitter's San Francisco headquarters located at 1355 Market St. (Wikicommons)

Twitter’s San Francisco headquarters located at 1355 Market St. (Wikicommons)

The report said Google failed in its social media ventures beginning with the Buzz that failed to take off but gave enough ammunition to Facebook to evolve, mainly because of its intrusive and information gathering techniques to keep a tab on behavioural preferences of people. The same was Facebook’s strategy but it was a single platform that can be opted out whenever one wants. But Google virtually trapped its users on all platforms with one single sign-in, a typical policing tactic that has failed to go a long way.

No wonder, Google buried the hatchet to enter into a deal with Twitter to get access to its real-time “firehose” of user data, said Mashable. The initial bon homie that these two enjoyed in their pre-IPO days ended when egos overwhelmed each other. Now the new partnership is brining memories of Twitter trends back in Google search and a new feature started highlighting such results in its “One Box” display.

With access gained to Twitter’s unlimited real-time data, Google is gearing up to buy the micro-blogging platform for at least $20 billion, said Mashable quoting positive hints given by Twitter investor Chris Sacca who described such tie-up would be “an instant fit”.

Though Twitter baled at such takeover bids in the past, its stock is currently under pressure following the exit of its CEO Dick Costolo, while “a gloomy outlook” from interim CEO and co-founder Jack Dorsey is looming large. Though all biggies in the field from Apple, Facebook, Amazon to Microsoft are possible suitors for the takeover bid, Google needs it more than others to cater its thirst for behavioural tabs on Internet users, said the report.

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