Why Teenagers Spend Sleepless Nights on Bed?

Every house and every teenager is prone to spending more sleepless nights unaware of the fact that they mobile phones are to be blamed for the new phenomenon. Research has shown that short-wavelength blue light may disrupt the production of melatonin, a hormone that helps us go to sleep.

More so when you have devices like the iPhone, iPad and Kindle, which reportedly emit a blue light that causes our sleep to be restless and disrupted, said a new study.

Paul Gringras at the Department of Children’s Sleep Medicine, Evelina London, said as manufacturers have started making bigger, brighter, bluer screens in an effort to increase the efficiency of our screens during daytime, the side-effect is that this light is affecting our sleep and productivity, he said.

Kindle new model – the Kindle Paperwhite first generation – emit new blue light which is likely to cause the most disruption to sleep, as it suppresses melatonin and increases alertness. In fact, using mobile phones before bedtime could affect our performance during the day, thanks to this blue light that changes our body’s natural rhythms.

Instead, he suggested smartphones, tablets and e-readers should have an automatic “bedtime mode”. These three devices produce short-wavelength blue light, with text producing slightly more intense light levels than the popular Angry Birds game, said earlier reports.

Future software designs should be optimised when night-time use is anticipated, with automatic “bedtime mode” that shifts blue and green light emissions to yellow and red, as well as reduce backlight and light intensity, suggest researchers.

Harvard Medical School suggests avoiding blue light two to three hours before going to bed, while the National Sleep Foundation suggests turning all electronic devices off at least an hour before bed.

The study has been published in medical journal Frontiers in Public Health.

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