Why should you marry in summer?

wedding_1The sweltering heat in the summer may make you wary of getting married in the season, but there are reasons why it can be the ideal season to get hitched.

Vashi.com shares a few reasons as to why you should fix a summer date for your D-day, reports femalefirst.co.uk:

* Mood: Everyone is in a better mood in summer. That means your guests won’t be as cranky about the cost of coming to your wedding with no Christmas right around the corner.

* Weather: You have the best chance of fine weather in summer and don’t have to worry about hail or rain, so that is one less thing that you have to fret about on the day.

* Photography: Photos look good when it’s sunny outside, the lighting is perfect for indoor shots too – your photographer can get some really creative snaps with light peeping through around you. Flowers are all in full bloom too, so your surroundings will be just beautiful.

* In better shape: Women are keen to get in shape for the summer so, preparing your wedding dress body just feels like the normal routine for many.

* Menu: The menu will ultimately be more varied as a lot of foods are more readily available in summer so you won’t be restricted.(ians)

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