Why PV Sindhu Had No Time to Change Her Skirt Before Meeting PM ?

Many Indians wondered how PV Sindhu can pose with the PM in a skirt that too at a time when one of his ministers was advising women all over the country not to wear skirts. Here’s why — she didn’t have time to change as was rushed to meet the PM straight from the airport to Race course Road.

When Prime Minister Narendra Modi tweeted about his meeting with P.V. Sindhu saying: “Delighted to meet you. Every Indian is so proud of what you accomplished,", she was prompt to thank him but not reasoning out why she couldn’t change. On her Instagram account, Sindhu said: “Just wish I had time to change as I was being rushed from the airport.”

No wonder, she is seen in her skirts, which nobody expected and not when she is meeting the PM, that too from a conservative party. She wore a blue knee length skirt and posed with the PM at a time when a BJP minister said elsewhere that women should not wear skirts in India. pvsindhu1"Such an incredible experience meeting PM Modi! Just wish I had time to change as I was being rushed from the airport….thank u for ur support and wishes," she said.

However, many took it light and patted her for bringing silver Olympics medal to the country. "“Congrats Sindhu.The biggest day 4 u whatever u wear it doesn’t matter u make us proud make our country proud,” said akshima.sharma1997.

“We love to watch you play and don’t worry about your dressing! It’s the shots that matter .. Not the glam. Keep going girl,” said another.

One savyagoswami writes: "haha love d caption.. dnt worry u r looking amazing.. modiJi will not mind it."

amrishpershaddesigns wrote: "Congrats ! We’re all so proud of you , best wishes for you always … !"

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