Harvard top Times Reputation Ranking of World Universities 2015.

Why No Indian Varsity Figures in Times 100 World Rank Universities?

UK media Times ranking of universities lists no Indian university in the top 100 so-called prestigious universities but the non-suspect Harvard University of the US is on top as usual and followed by Britain’s Cambridge and Oxford universities this year.


University of Tokyo figured at 12th spot.

The annual Times Higher Education World Reputation Rankings 2015, lists the Massachusetts Institute of Technology of the US in the fourth position and Japan’s University of Tokyo in the 12th spot.

Five universities each in London and Paris figured in the list with the US notching 8 out of top 10 ranks and about 43 of its institutions figuring in the entire list, whose ranking methodology remained questionable and dubious for decades.

UK has 12 of its universities in the list from 10 in 2014 and 9 in 2013, while Indian universities which failed in imparting the western corporate methodology in their curricula failed to make it in the top 100 universities.

Though India is not remorse about it, the editor of Times Higher Education Rankings was apologetic in his very opening unsolicited remarks. “It is really a matter of concern that a country of India’s great intellectual history and its huge and growing economic power does not have a single university that is regarded by academics globally as being among the world’s most prestigious.”

However, he tried to push the blame on Indian authorities for not giving out enough budget to provide the universities in India to compete with world universities not in terms of intellectual capabilities but in terms of cosmetic and budgetary allocations such as seminars, spurious symposiums and world conferences, which form the basic agenda of global universities.

“Brazil, Russia and China, the other “BRIC” nations, all have at least one top-100 university in this prestigious list. It is time India gave more support to its leading universities to ensure that they can compete on a world stage,” said editor Baty not giving further details.

While it is for the 1.2 billion or half of the world’s population to decide whether the Times Higher education ranking is acceptable or not, most of the UK and US universities would not have ranked in the list without Indian students and researchers contributing to their reputation.

According to the manufacturers of the reputation rankings, the 2015 list was based on 10,507 responses from 142 countries conducted between December 2014 and January 2015, with 21 countries represented out of the world’s 210 countries.

The poll attracted almost 70,000 responses from more than 150 countries in five annual rounds, said the publishers in support of their ranking methodology.

Instead of aping the same model, it is time India, China and Japan come together to provide an Asian equivalent of the Times List.

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  1. Chaps, India is not in the ranking because her students regularly, blatantly and systematically cheat.
    The ‘degrees’ her higher education establishments award are not worth the paper they are written on, and are fit to be used as liners for cat litter trays, nothing more.
    Sorry to be so blunt, but truth burns, eh?

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