Why is Microsoft Buying Liveloop to Just Shut it Down?

Microsoft has decided to buy a startup that is not going to add value to its stock of products but gives headache to its overhyped Skype in terms of converting PowerPoint presentations into a URL format and allow office conference online without hitch.

The Liveloop allows all offices to come online and share a power-point presentation and conduct office meetings across different timezones without installing any customised software. Surprisingly, Liveloop said on its website that it will be shut down next month on 24th.

“LiveLoop will be shutting down permanently on April 24th, 2015. New user registration and presentation upload have been disabled,” said the website announcing the deal with Microsoft, not giving more details.

The note has advised existing LiveLoop users to retrieve their data if any before the said date of closure. “If you have any data you would like to retrieve from LiveLoop, please do so before April 24th. On April 24th, all presentations and user data will be permanently deleted,” said a Liveloop ‘Notice‘.

While the closure will help Microsoft kill the rival to Skype, it can also become an integrated feature of the Microsoft Office, making the PowerPoint an online product that can be accessed easily and improve office tools.

Neither Microsoft nor Liveloop have disclosed the amount of the acquisition but it is rumored to be in the range of $200 million, similar to its earlier acquisition of Acompli.

Otherwise, users will be missing LiveLoop, which is an easy-to-use web application for sharing presentations, running online meetings, and collecting feedback and comments. The LiveLoop presentation is converted from an ordinary PowerPoint file to be visible on any Web browser or a smartphone.

With LiveLoop, a link is shared with colleagues before a meeting and once the presenter presses the button on “Start Presenting”, all his colleagues get to see the same slide across the geo-agnostic offices. Surely Microsoft will integrate it into its Power Point feature and even Skype but tagged with additional payment for its use.




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