Why brahmotsavam failed? PVP blames it on less post-production time

Why Mahesh Babu’s ‘Brahmotsavam’ Failed? Blame it on Post-Production ?

When Telugu actor Mahesh Babu’s 2012 film ‘Businessman’ failed despite following close on the heels of the success of ‘Dookudu’, the reason was attributed to rushing the post-production to fewer days than the industry average of months together.

When Microfinance Monitor pointed out the real reason, few takers were there for the theory of less post-production time for some of the big-starrer films, especially for those featuring Mahesh Babu. The greed and market calculations of timely release often overwhelmed the impact analytics of these films which failed at the box office despite heavy stardom and storyline to foot the success.

Now that the 2016 release ‘Brahmotsavam’ too has met with the same fate, its producer Prasad V. Potluri (PVP) has finally admitted that the failure of the film was solely due to shortage of time for post-production. Though the storyline was weak and the original Tamil film was a success, the narration and direction failed to bring in soothing feeling in the theatres the way “Seethamma Vakitlo Sirimalle Chettu” broought in.

At a press meet of ‘Kaashmora’, PVP said, “Minimum three months and ideally 6 months is needed for the post-production of a big film. But, to meet the release date deadline, we didn’t have that feasibility for Brahmotsavam.”

Compared to Bollywood, the time period is crucial for any Aamir Khan films as they go through vetting from all quarters, he noted. “If you see Bollywood, Aamir Khan’s ‘Dangal’ is slated for release in December but he has been showing the film to people from past two months.”

Finally he said that a film is made only during the pre-production and post-production, and shooting is only insignificant part. While futue MBA courses on film-making may take this into consideration, one reason that can attributed to failure of Mahesh Babu’s films is less time devoted to post-production stage.

Why brahmotsavam failed? PVP blames it on less post-production time

Why brahmotsavam failed? PVP blames it on less post-production time

Despite stardom, films do need storyline and give a soothing feeling to audience, if not action-oriented and gripping scenes throughout the film like “Dookudu”. So, what is ailing Mahesh Babu films of late?

Brahmotsavam had a poor script and irrelevant screenplay, boring sequences and unimpressive role for Kajal, who could have driven the first part of the film easily with her presence. But it was a film destined to be a failure and even one review before its release would have made Mahesh Babu realise the lacunae in the film and order a re-shoot himself.


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