Why Kattappa Killed Baahubali? Here’s Why! (Spoiler Alert)

Bahubali 2 has solved the two-year-long mystery over “What Nations Wants to Know” as to “Why Kattappa Killed Bahubali?” as the premier in Dubai revealed that it was mandatory for Kattappa to eliminate Amarendra Bahubali to save the Mahishmati kingdom as ordered by Rajmata.

The love story of Amarendra Bahubali and Kuntala Princess Devasena being the reason behind the killing, the civil war erupts within the fort of Mahishmati that leads to ouster of already demoted Amarendra Bahubali for marrying Devasena and defying Rajmata.

King Bhallaladeva, who was jealous of Bahubali’s popularity and his lady love plots to convince Rajamata to order their estranged rival Bahubali to be eliminated. Kattappa merely carries out the order as his loyalty to the throne for generations as devout slaves was never reversed, nor questioned.

But then he joined Mahendra Bahubali or Shivudu to revolt against the treacherous King of Mahishmati. Here the question is why and how? Well the answer is there and you can catch it coming out of Kattappa in the final decisive war within the ramparts of  Mahishmati Royal Fort.


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  1. Let us agree to the fact that, Baahubali (the movie, both the parts) will be quite dry without Kattappa (the excellent role played by Sathyaraj)

    Now don’t get me wrong but I find Kattappa really “cute”. Lets now just not just go by face-value, but the overall protagonist, the role he plays in shaping the story, the way he engages the audience and takes Baahubali ahead in helping him get closer to his love, while remaining foolhardy, playing small naughty loving tricks with the immense expressions and acting. I mean, he really really brings in LIFE (and sarcasm and humor) to an otherwise intense and quite a serious plot of the movie.

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