Why Karnataka Most Corrupt?

Going by indicative study by think-tank Centre for Media Studies (CMS) report on its 11th round of the the annual corruption study, titled ‘CMS India Corruption Study 2017’, Karnataka with 77% tops the country’s corruption index, more than Andhra Pradesh or Bihar.

The think-tank has claimed that its survey in 20 states showed that Andhra Pradesh (74 per cent), Tamil Nadu (68 per cent), Maharashtra (57 per cent), Jammu and Kashmir (44 per cent) and Punjab (42 per cent). In all 3,000 households have been interviewed in rural and urban India, it says.

Launching the report in Delhi, NITI Aayog member Bibek Debroy said, "Big-ticket corruption is linked with electoral reforms." The think-tank head N Bhaskara Rao, said, "We have been producing reports on corruption for many years. We wanted the NITI Aayog to take note of this, as they are the policy makers."

In 2005, the more corrupt states were Bihar (74 per cent), Jammu and Kashmir (69 per cent) Odisha (60 per cent), Rajashthan (59 per cent) and Tamil Nadu (59 per cent), said the think-tank.

Interestingly, during the demonetisation period, "More than half of the respondents felt the level of corruption decreased during that period (November-December last year) while 12% opined that graft had increased in that period 21% felt it had remained the same," said the report. Rao said it is a sad commentary on the country that has completed 70 years of its Independence.

One reason is that the report tried to put Karnataka, the Congress-ruled state in bad perception ahead of the elections sometime next year or it could be that people have grown more tolerant to corruption owing to their fast lifestyle that necessitates adjustment at every corner of life.

Otherwise, Kannadiga culture has been endowed with the unique "Swalpa adjust Madukoli" wording that is heard in every bus, train and even a flight. Secondly, Bangalore salaries for the corporates is very high compared to government or non-corporate offices. Thirdly, instead of haggling over things for hours together, modern youth prefer to wind up ASAP and rush to their offices where they have to do everything ASAP.

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