Why Jagan’s party won in AP by-elections?

YSR Congress Party (YSRCP) of Jaganmohan Reddy will remain a test of confused political message for many parties in future. Whether it was Telugu Desam or the ruling Congress, both were confident to sideline YSR Congress this time but to their dismay, it romped home with a thundering 15 out of 18 assembly seats belittling the Telangana versus Andhra divisions.

The obvious peg for the victory was clearly his mother Vijayamma, widow of late chief minister YS Rajasekhara Reddy, who has appealed for a vote in favour of his “taunted” son in Chanchalguda jail. But what about the corruption charges against him? Does it mean, voters have ignored the corruption days behind them?

The evil of corruption has many facets but Jagan in jail did not go well with the voters who are born with corruption around them and are oblivious to the fact. In such circumstances, voters could only see harassment of a leader by other equally corrupt leaders, bereft of any judicial angle to the case. So was the appeal of a mother who had lost her husband YSR, known for his quick helping nature.

As Vijayamma said, “We got justice in the people’s court and I thank people for this,” the ruling and opposition parties in Andhra Pradesh will have to introspectively consider their next stand and how they can stop Jagan in 2014 elections. Already, YSR Congress has demanded that the Congress should quit and seek fresh mandate.

It may not be surprising if YSR Congress wins in 2014 elections too.

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