Why Delhi School Principal Daughter Committed Suicide?

The incident that the daughter of the principal of a prominent school in Delhi committed suicide by hanging herself at her home as she was depressed on not getting good marriage proposals could be an apparent reason but more than that India and especially parents should wake up to the reality of an emerging lonely society bereft of advice or elerly guidance.

The body of 29-year-old Anjana Saini, daughter of D.R. Saini, principal of Delhi Public School, R.K. Puram, was found Tuesday night at their home located within the school campus and police sources said she was depressed as she was not getting good marriage proposals.

“A suicide note was recovered from her room. In the note, she has not held anyone responsible for the suicide,” a police official told IANS.

But taking the incidnet as a pointer to address the larger malaise that our country’s youth is facing need another serious look. Lack of hope being instilled in them to face reality and strive for a result-oriented solution is turning them into despair and depression.

The lessons that our schools give end up at the exit gate of the educational institutions and the world outside is strange for all, despite a hi-fi job in Gurgaon or Bangalore. What people want is a good companion or spiritual advice and here people like Sri Sri and host of other respected spiritual gurus should be encouraged to take the task at an individual level.

More than materialistic world, every individual should search for spiritual maturity and offices should be seen not as money-making centres but also as peaceful abodes. Or else, India has all the potential to turn into a suicide nation, especially for the women.

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