Why Avantika Scenes Cut in Bahubali 2? Tamannah Rues Now

The stunning Avantika in “Bahubali: The Beginning” is almost forgotten in the entire Bahubali 2 as Devasena or Anushka donned the heroine mantle next to Prabhas and movie revolves around her and her mother-in-law Shivgami with little room for another woman.

No wonder, Bahubali franchise director SS Rajamouli had to cut her roles to almost nil until the last scene showing Avantika rearing to enter the fort of Mahishmati for just 4 seconds to be precise. It was then that viewers remember that she too had been cast in the sequel.

Tamannaah as a rebel warrior Avanthika in “Baahubali: The Beginning” wants to take revenge for her aunt Devasena’s abduction by Bhallaladeva and it was here that Shivudu gets involved in the entire scene for his romance with her. There were murmurs that the director over-exposed her in the film amounting to rape.

Once Shivudu returns as Mahendra Bahubali with Kattappa taking the centre-stage, Avantika is relegated to no role though the film has footage and a song were reportedly shot but sacrificed in the second part.

All these exciting scenes of Avantika had to be chopped off by director at the editing table as the film’s length has already exsceeded 2 hours and 30 minutes. Any inclusion would have taken the film to 3 hours duration, which would have affected its number of shows per day and the box office collections per day as well.

Tamannaah, who is not getting good roles after her Bahubali hit is reportedly contemplating a bigger offer after the release of Bahubali 2 but now that she was nowhere in the sequel may find it difficult to digest. Inside sources told media that Rajamouli decided to remove her scenes due to poor visual effects.

Baahubali 2’s sound designer PM Satheesh told indianexpress.com, “Baahubali sets a standard of quality… (Rajamouli) removed those scenes from the story. He had the courage to remove that after the film was mixed and ready to be put out. That’s how quality conscious he is.”

But the film in its second part clearly lacks soothing experience that was set in the first half of the film, apparently due to deletion of many scenes. Even the last scen depciting the fort seige in a hush hush manner showcases abrupt ending brought to the film, sacrificing the soothing experience people expected throughout the film, though computer graphics were the main focus. For Tamannah, it’s mere sacrifice that she has to contend with.

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