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Why AAP Should Live with Gajendra Singh’s Death Forever?

When it comes to creating popular opinion, AAP and its erstwhile journalist members can go to any extent to showcase how a farmer kills himself and to make it a bargaining chip for their new wave politics.

Crying into TV camera that he often dominated in his erstwhile career, AAP leader Ashutosh and his party leader Arvind Kejriwal, stunned the nation with their immune attitude to the entire “Reality Show” stage managed by their cadre at the venue.

Arvind Kejriwal, who went non-stop with his speech after the farmer’s death, is a startling example of how far these new wave political leaders can stage-manage the killing in a sort of TV reality show to get more mileage. They can because Gajendra Singh’s daughter is not Arvind Kejriwal’s daughter, right?

Appalled, the whole nation realized that the farmer in question was not even badly indebted, leave alone end his life unless prompted by somebody as a joke to make a mileage out of it like a reality TV show. But it turned out to be true as a stunned nation realized that it was “stage-managed” as a side show that went unmanageable resulting in the real death of the actor.

Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) leader Arvind Kejriwal at the `Delhi's Village Dialogue` held at Chhatarpur, in New Delhi on January 4, 2015. ( IANS)

Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) leader Arvind Kejriwal at the `Delhi’s Village Dialogue` held at Chhatarpur, in New Delhi on January 4, 2015. ( IANS)

It was a rally of AAP and in front of so many people, the drama of one trying to end his life and five other AAP activists trying to stop him, did not evoke any response from the public or media, who are happy to report live on the death being faced by a fellow citizen.

Ashutosh’s erstwhile colleagues were reporting live from the venue making it a cruel case of public hanging and conspiracy against a gullible father who took out his life in a momentary lapse of control on his senses.

Now that the show in front of many has sent one man to death but gained more than expected popularity in drawing the attention of the nation, there may be many more who would like to emulate the AAP strategy to get publicity in the future.

So, now the show host cries into the TV cameras, while his boss Arvind Kejriwal apologises for not stopping his speech after the tragedy. Neither Kejriwal nor Ashutosh can claim to represent the Aam Aadmi, whom they willingly sent to gallows at Jantar Mantar.

Even media, which covered the event gleefully live, owes an apology to the family of Gajendra Singh. They should realise that such pre-meditated shows can take away somebody’ father and the wrath of the daughter befalls on the daughters of AAP too, one day.

If any of the daughters or sons of the AAP leaders commit similar “Suicide Drama”, will they continue their speech? No, their daughters and sons are now VIPs’ kith and kin.

OMG, What a sordid state of politics?

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