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Why a Glass of Wine Brings Facial Flushing and Makes You Sexually Attractive?

In a revelation of sorts, British researchers have hit a gold mine for wine makers with their finding that says gulping a glass of wine makes women more attractive than being sober at parties. But more wine may make it disappear soon, they cautioned.

Researcher Marcus Munafo from the University of Bristol has found in an experiment on 20 women and 20 men taking photographers of particiapnts after consuming single glass of wine. In a comparison, they found them more attractive than those who neither consumed or those who over-consumed alcohol as part of the experiment.

The group made up of heterosexuals were asked to rate the attractiveness of people in a series of photos of the models who had taken 250 ml of wine or 500 ml of wine. In another series of photoes, all models were photographed in sober mood.

Marcus Munafo of the University of Bristol.

Marcus Munafo of the University of Bristol.

In their evaluation, the participants rated those who had consumed just one glass of wine as more attractive compared to their photos taken when they are sober. When the models who had taken more than one glass of wine or exceeded 500 ml did not fare well in ranking as attractive.

Munafo and his team attributes it to the increased blood flow or facial flushing due to light wine consumption and relaxed mood and a smiling face among the models. Munafo has been engaged in research on both the laboratory study of neurobiological pathways involved in substance use, and the large-scale longitudinal study of genetic influences on substance use and treatment response.

He is also into developing programmes of work investigating the role of emotion perception biases in mental health and the potential of choice architecture interventions to shape lifestyle behaviours like tobacco and alcohol use.

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