Whole Grain is Holy Grail, Increases Lifespan, Says New Study

Any food taken as whole grain is helpful in lowering the risk of death from heart attacks, cancer and other age or stress-related ailments in life, said a new study published in the journal Circulation.

The study estimated that every additional serving of whole grains have cut cardiovascular disease-related death risk by 9 percent and cancer death risk by five percent. The intake could be a half-cup of cooked brown rice, cooked oatmeal, or cooked whole grain pasta, or whole grain bread.

The study covered 45 studies on 700,000 people and 100,000 deaths and the researchers found that the risk between people who ate two servings of whole grains per day and those who ate none. People who got two servings per day had lower risks of coronary heart disease, cardiovascular disease, death from stroke, cancer, respiratory disease, infectious disease and diabetes.

“The current study provides the most comprehensive assessment of whole grain intake and mortality to date and suggests that there are benefits of eating large amounts of whole grains for many different disease and mortality outcomes,” including respiratory and infectious diseases, said Dagfinn Aune of Imperial College London. It is important to eat more whole grain foods rather than increasing intake of single nutrients from supplements, she added.

Breakfast cereals, whole grain breads and bran were long associated with healthy food menu but specific grain types haven’t been studied in detail as whole grains. The new study found lower mortality of cardiovascular disease, said authors and reveiwers of the study.

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