WHO reports record 338,779 Coronavirus Cases on Oct 8

The World Health Organization reported a record one-day increase in novel coronavirus cases on Thursday, with the total of 338,779 cases in 24 hours. Europe reported 96,996 new cases, the highest total for the region ever recorded by the WHO. Deaths rose by 5,514 to a total of 1.05 million.

This surpasses the previous WHO record for new cases of 330,340 on Oct. 2 and a record 12,393 deaths on April 17. Again, Europe is now reporting more cases than India, Brazil or the United States.

India reported 78,524 new cases, followed by Brazil at 41,906 and the US with 38,904 new infections, according to the WHO. Reuters said COVID-19 infections are rising in 54 countries, including surges in Argentina, Canada and much of Europe.

Infections in the United Kingdom have reached record levels with over 17,000 new cases reported on Thursday. “We are seeing a definite and sustained increase in cases and admissions to hospital. The trend is clear, and it is very concerning,” said Dr Yvonne Doyle, medical director for Public Health England.

While India still leads in the globe in most new cases reported per day, new infections are down 20% from its peak. In the US, which has the largest total number of cases and deaths in the world, new infections are edging higher along with the most hospitalized COVID-19 patients since last month.

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