Who Killed Sheena Bora Murder case?

This is the prime time theme for debate by Arnab Goswami on Times Now Channel on Thursday when Mumbai was busy with Ganesh Utsav celebrations and certainly the revelations have rattled the entire viewership of the TV news program.

One of the exclusive revelations made on the national channel was that incumbent Mumbai Police Commissioner Ahmad Javed was "friendly" with Indrani and Peter Mukerjea that in April the couple were present at the Police Mess as his invitees for a small group.

However, Javed denied his role in the case reiterating that Peter never called him once even in the case seeking his support and hence his credentials cannot be questioned. Indirectly, he ruled out reclusion clause to keep himself away from the case where his friends are being probed for murder.

In another revelation, Goswami said former police commissioner Rakesh Maria was transferred at a time when he was about to crack the financial angle of the case. In support, the TV channel showed evidence that the INX Media, which Indrani was heading before, raised Rs.88 crore without any collateral, raising suspicion.

So, where is the case heading to when there is no head to lead the investigation further?, asked Goswami during the prime time debate on Times Now TV news channel.

Maharashtra government is equally adamant in passing off the buck. To please some, it said initially that Maria would continue to probe the case for some more time. But it is everybody’s knowledge that he is all set to retire in few weeks and there ends his role.

Another interesting angle of the story is that Raigad police were allegedly asked to hush up the recovery case of Sheena Bora’s body in 2012 by somebody and no clue so far as to who had asked them to do. All these strings could have been unfolded by now had Maria continued just for one more week.

However, the debate on TV channel has opened the Pandora’s box as to what is ailing the police functioning in India and how the political leadership or bureaucracy can stifle a simple murder case with so many clues provided by the media and not obtained by the investigating agencies.

Now that other media channels are hardly following the case, Goswami has aptly revived it asking, "Who has killed Sheena Bora Murder Case" changing from the earlier headline: "Who has killed Sheena Bora?"

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