Singer Whitney Houston and daughter Kristina. (Photo: Creative Commons)

Whitney Houston’s Bodyguard Blames Father for Daughter Kristina’s Accident, Coma

Singer Whitney Houston and daughter Kristina. (Photo: Creative Commons)

Singer Whitney Houston and daughter Kristina. (Photo: Creative Commons)

Whitney Houston’s former bodyguard, who was the inspiration behind film “The Bodyguard” broke his silence to blame both parents for their daughter’s accident.

Bobbi Kristina Brown’s accident was “inevitable,” said David Roberts, Whitney’s ex-bodyguard who said the child was neglected so much that she took to drugs and he blamed the father Bobby Brown in particular.

Bobbi Kristina has been found unresponsive in a bathtub due to drug overdose at her Georgia home on January 31 and kept in medically induced coma since then.

The 21-year-old daughter of Whitney and R&B singer Bobby Brown, is in coma at Emory University Hospital in Atlanta.

The New York Post claims that her family is planning to pull the plug on the same day her mother died in similar circumstances. “This is the only thing they can agree on (is) that she’s gone and there is nothing more that can be done for her,” the report quoted a source as saying.

Meanwhile in a report in Daily Star UK quoted Whitney Houston’s bodyguard as saying that he was apprehensive from the beginning about Kristina’s safety and health for years. “I watched Bobbi Kristina as a little girl, running around the corridors of hotels, surrounded by the degenerates who were supposed to be looking after her, and I worried for her future,” he said spilling the beans.

Roberts claimed that Bobbi’s parents made it inevitable for her to take to drugs with frequent cocaine binges and she grew up in that environment. He squarely blamed Bobby for ruining both the child’s future and also Whitney Houston’s downfall.

“When I heard what had happened to Bobbi Kristina, I wasn’t surprised, but I was angry, said the trained sniper who was Houston’s bodyguard for seven years since 1988. Whitney Houstons died aged 48 in 2012, when she drowned in a hotel bathtub. History is being repeated to her daughter too, he said. Bobbi has been in and out of rehab since Whitney’s death.

Though her dad Bobby Brown has requested for privacy and remained in the hospital on her bedside hoping her recovery, the bodyguard was harsh on him saying he was responsible for both mother and daughter’s deaths in similar conditions.

Reports said Bobby Brown has postponed his Australian tour in March due to his daughter’s health condition.

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